Yalla! Food Truck

Durham's First Kosher and Hallal Food Truck!

Click here for Yalla! Durham's Website

It's finally here: A Food Truck that will be on Duke's West Campuses, daily, to serve the university's Hallal and Kosher* communities. 

Throw everything you may expect out of the window. We'll have everything from Sabich and Shakshuka for breakfast, to traditional Shawarma and fresh falafel.

If you're new to Duke, you'll soon find out that all of the Univeristy's dining halls are tied to a food plan, which uses Food Points (equivalent to dollars) rather than cash or credit. With support from Duke, Yalla! Durham will support Food Point, Cash and Card payments.

How did this come about? Abdullah Antepli, associate professor of Public Policy at Duke's Sandford School, and Chabad at Duke Undergrad's Rabbi Nossen had a vision, and made it happen. 

Where will Yalla! Be? Monday - Thursday every week of Duke's academic year, Yalla! will be stationed right below BC Plaza from breakfast to dinner.

*Yalla! is certified Glatt Kosher by Chabad at Duke and has a Mashgiach Temidi. 

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